Applogie’s subscription management platform discovers, manages, and optimizes your organization's SaaS expenses by:

  • showing you where your company overpays or under-utilizes your cloud subscriptions
  • providing immediate insight into your financial data– without the manual maintenance
  • tracking pricing models, capabilities and limitations of your technology to reduce waste

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Cloud Cost Management Made Easy


Save Time

No more searching through spreadsheets to determine who owns and manages your technology subscriptions


Save Money

Discover where your organization is overspending and reduce costs by an average of 30%

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Features Highlights

Check out some of Applogie’s most powerful features to save your organization time and money from your ongoing cloud subscription costs.



Identify underutilized subscriptions, manage license capacity and anticipate renewals and changing pricing structures


Real-time Financial Data

Make better business decisions by gaining insight into your monthly payments, budget, license owners and pending renews


Forecasting Tools

Eliminate the guesswork and use data to inform your quarterly and annual budget allocations